Drone Shots PGH

Drone Shots PGH is a Pittsburgh based aerial photography company specializing in taking aerial photos and videos for real estate properties, local events, and advertising for businesses who need more exposure of their location and features. The photos and videos are 4K quality and we do our best to meet customer expectations and requests. All photos and videos that are taken will be returned to the customer with color corrections and proper editing formats for personal or commercial use.

About us

My name is Ryan Wharton, and I am the owner and creator of Drone Shots PGH. I have Recently graduated from PennWest University with an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences for Drone Technology. I have been flying drones for about 7 years as a hobby, but once I got to college, I decided to take my passion for flying to the next level. I started Drone shots PGH to continue my aerial photography passion to the professional level.

I am FAA certified and obtain drones capable of taking photos and videos in 4K quality. I do my best to ensure that I meet all the customers expectations and requirements for photos and videos. All photos and videos that a customer purchases will be color corrected and edited to the customers specifications.

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